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Sales of freehold and leasehold homes

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Property sales - Bosag Immobilien AG - DübendorfSelling a property is often bound up with emotions. At BOSAG Immobilien AG, we make the sale of your property as simple and efficient as possible. Profitable property sales require a deep analysis. It therefore pays to invest a little time in finding the right buyer - and we'll put in this time on your behalf!

The structural survey, calculation of earning capacity and analysis of the market for the property are critical for the optimisation of the sales price.

If necessary, professional collaboration with the appropriate specialists will be arranged as a matter of course.  

The range of services in brief:

  • Rental and sales of freehold and leasehold homes
  • Rental and sales of commercial properties (offices, garages, warehouses, etc.)
  • Property management
  • Comprehensive property consultancy
  • Increasing the earning power
  • Market analyses

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