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40 years of success

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We here at BOSAG are celebrating 40 years of our company's existence; you can share our extensive experience of the property market.

We only take as much of the work off your shoulders as you personally wish us to do. You can also order any of our services individually.

We market your property reliably and at the right time; if necessary, we also carry out the work to increase in its earnings in advance so that your property can be sold at the best possible price.

We sell properties on behalf of private individuals and investors. In brief, our services can be set out as follows:

  • Purchase and sale of residential and commercial properties of all descriptions
  • Rental and initial letting of residential and commercial properties
  • Client's trustee and client consultancy
  • Increasing earning capacity
  • Management of residential and business properties
  • Property evaluations of all kinds
  • Market analyses for rentals and sales 
  • Financing services / mortgages
  • Solving problems relating to disputes with tenants 
  • Production of sales and rental documentation
  • Debt collection

Our range of services is directed towards private individuals and investors.  

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